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Meisa gives out stars


(wtf is up with this new way of posting?)
Serena: Yasss!





(I had to do something really stupid but whatever, it's working now!!!)
2nd-Jul-2012 06:15 pm - Music Meme Because I Can
Snagging this from Nikki's LJ because it seemed like fun. 

(I took that from her LJ too, lol. NO SHAME!)

1) Silence - Aly & AJ
2) My Man - Glee Cast (wow Glee showed up faster than I thought it would)
3) 시끄러!! (Shake It Off!!) - U-KISS
4) Everybody ft. Koda Kumi - Katori Shingo
5) どこにでもある唄。(Doko ni Demo Aru Uta) - Ninomiya Kazunari 
6) I 2 I - Tevin Campbell (omg my childhood)
7) Raise Your Glass - Glee Cast
8) Broken ft. Amy Lee - Seether
9) Yume Yume - ONE OK ROCK
10) Seremos Dos O Será Un Adiós - Edurne
11) Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
12) Psahno Tin Alitheia - Helena Paparizou (lol this is Greek) 
13) My December - Linkin Park 
14) Love Like Winter - AFI
15) Telephone ft. Charice - Glee Cast
16) Ladies' Night - Tufts Beelzebubs ( A Capella ftw)
17) ブルドッグ (Bulldog) - Four Leaves
18) Raise Your Hands - Arashi (finally omg I thought I was gonna reach 20 and only have Nino's solo on here!!!)
19) The Shield and the Sword - Clare Maguire 
20) The Great Estates - Freelance Whales

So there they all are. I think I happen to have fantastic taste in music and staring at this list just proves it imo. <333

I recommend all of them!!
22nd-Jun-2012 08:59 pm - P E R F E C T I O N!
Serena: Luvs You~
You guys, I have been blessed with something so amazing, so wonderful I almost feel like crying. I now have an Arashi layout.

Done by the incredibly talented and unbelievably sweet Nikki!nowheretogo26 . It's perfection and everything is Arashi infused. Colors of the bars and title posts, to the links you can click. It's gorgeous and I love it so much. 

You all need to B O W to her and her skillz. And I am so happy she made me a layout for a fandom she's not even a part of. <3333

So click and look at the beautifulness:
Arashi! Arashi! For Dream! 

I can't stop staring at it. 

This was me when I saw it after it was done:
maou tears

So perfect~

Well I'm off to watch Common Law which is amaaazing and flawless!

(also, why is last.fm not effing working on LJ anymore?)
Bubblegum Nino

That's right, it's my favoritemale person's birthday!!!
Thanks to this brat, who doesn't seem to age past the age of 17, I got into the best fandom I've ever been a part of. Arashi. <3

As I'm now in the 6th year of fandom I can honestly say no other fandom has ever made me happy. I can watch their shows, concerts, movies and dramas and always have a good time. I've met some incredible people through them as well and for that I am the most grateful. 

And I owe it all to this amazing, incredibly talented, AND INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE man. So thank you Nino-chan~ I love you. 

I hope you had an awesome birthday, with makeout sessions involving Sho-kun!!!!




I hope you all enjoyed the gif spam of this amazing man and if you didn't well you can just deal! ;D


Also, some wedding pics from Chelsea's wedding will hopefully be posted soon. omg it happened in May, I feel so bad. 

Sho: Supernova
I wanna talk about quality music right now. 

I need to do something to get over how craptastic the Glee Graduation album is, like seriously, I can't believe it sucks so much! 

But Arashi's Face Down is probably the most amazing thing I've heard in a while. It's perfect. I listen to it like a thousand times a day practically. 

And I know this will make all4cyanide laugh.

She will call me a 'liar, liar'.

And I will say 'tell me, tell me' to my face, plz.

It's no 'secret, secret' how much I love those ghei rainbows~

So she can 'bye, bye, bye' with her attitude tyvm!

Anyway, here is the MV of the song, watch it but be warned, it's quite possible you will faint from the sheer utter perfection of it all.

Gifs in case you need further prompting!



I know Nino is my Ichiban but seriously, Sho looked so damn hot in that vid! Yum!

And in the style of traditional Arashi, not only can they be serious but they can also have their fun moments. <3

And can we just take a moment to soak in the amazingness and sexiness that was their Music Station performance!

Bless their choreographers because that move did me in. I must have re-watched it over 200 times or something close to it. 

But. :( Everytime I saw Nino with a pained look on his face or him massaging his knee I wanted to pick him up and tell him everything was gonna be ok. My poor bb. 


And I totally forgot to mention this at the end of last month but I have finally entered my sixth year as an Arashian. I am so proud. It truly is the best fandom I am in. I can't imagine not being in it. <3

17th-Apr-2012 05:49 pm - Season Finale Of Ringer Tonight
Nicole: Please, You Wish
I am so not ready for this!! I can't even imagine what this episode will entail. So much drama. But I am excited.

Although knowing that the show is "on the bubble" makes me nervous. :( I don't want it to be cancelled even though I do understand the show has done some weird things. Like in the last episode with the whole Catherine/Olivia thing. Like wtf!!

Anyway, yup!

And tonight is an all new Glee. I am looking forward to only a few things in the ep. <3

Btw, I am in love with my icon. My Divine Deity~
My jump back into Korean music has been very shocking to me. Like I blame U-KISS for this, seriously. I'm still listening to my Japanese music but this was bound to happen. It's been a long time since I listened to any Korean song. 

But this is the one I'm in love with currently. And sadly, meadowphoenix I haven't found one with the lyrics on it. 

28th-Mar-2012 10:17 pm - Soooo Far Behind
You guys. You guys. You guys....I'm still not over that sneak peak of Big Brother. Yup, I'm still watching it. I'm so excited for that episode, I can't even. But I feel like if I keep talking about it all I will do is key smash and flail. So I will refrain myself. 

Anyhow, the title refers to the fact that I am so behind on my U-KISS stanning. Like omgosh, I just went and downloaded pretty much all their discography and one song I fell in love with so much is their song "Avatar". I've had it on repeat for hours now. And then I found out it came out in 2010. I fail so much. And to make me even sadder, that was the last mini album that Xander and Kibum were on. ;______;

But here, I decided to pimp it out because it's amazing. 

Also, the icon I'm using is one that I made!! Yup, I finally learned how to make icons. They're not the best but they're mine. 

This post is meadowphoenix bait. 
23rd-Mar-2012 09:12 pm - WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?
22nd-Mar-2012 07:18 pm - For Emi!!!
Jun: Domo~
About a week or so ago, the lovely and flawless theseventheaven!Emi and I had a talk about Ayumi Hamasaki's most recent album. 

One of her songs, "Tell Me Why" is catchy but it sounded so familiar to me. And it turns out, it was because I have the Greek version of it. Same songwriters and everything. Now me personally likes the Greek Version better because I've had it for almost a year now. But I do like both.

Here's Ayumi:

And here is the Greek Version, by singer Ivi Adamou:

I so want an English version now. LOL.
20th-Mar-2012 04:01 pm - Oh Goodness, Oh MY!
turkish delight (Made by my Bestie)
So excited!! It's the bff's birthday!!!

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHELSEA!!!!!!!!          

Ahhhh, 23. Such a lovely number. We're the same age again, it always throws me off since I'm technically older than her. But for a few months out of the year, we are the same age. Omgosh it used to bother me so much because she's so much more accomplished than me and I always feared someone would be like, "Uh, she's younger than you but she's so much better!" I'd have to punch someone. 

But at this point, there's no denying it! LOL.It's so true. 

I mean she started taking college classes in HS when I was trying my best not to fail. lol. She graduated in the top 10% of her class, had scholarships, took Chinese (which I doubt she remembers, haha), did a study abroad in England and did an internship in Austin. AND THEN SHE GRADUATED A SEMESTER EARLY!!! *headdesk* I could never. Now she's weeks from getting her second Bachelors and getting married at the end of May. 

But I don't feel jealous or sad over any of it, I am so proud of her. I look forward to all the amazing things she will do. Getting married, getting her Masters. And I look forward to being an Aunt (in the future of course!)!!!

We've been friends for nearing 8 years or so and been best friends for most of those. I can't imagine a better person to be my bff and I wouldn't want anyone else in that role. And even when she gets married and I no longer have that position we will still be great friends. She'll still be my confidante. We will still jam out to our Japanese music and talk about all the geeky things we like. 

Anyway, just wanted to come on here and tell her happy birthday. 

I'm almost positive she will not see this. LOL. She's too busy working hard get that second degree!!! Get that education!!! <33333
7th-Mar-2012 09:00 pm - Hold The Effin' Phone

Why had I not seen U-KISS' MV for Tick Tack until tonight??!! OMG, it is perfection and free of any flaws~

But I feel so bad because I still don't know who the new members are. Oops. I still miss Xander and Kibum. ;____; But I'm sure I'll like these new fellows. 

Kevin is looking so good, like seriously. I feel bad for feeling that way since he's like 3 yrs younger than me but he needs to stop getting so hot. And I like Eli better when he has dark hair. Mmhmm.

When I finally learn how to make gif/gif icons, I'm gonna gif the hell out of this video. 

The only thing that makes me giggle is the fact the clock in the background reminds me of Arashi's Monster. *giggles*
7th-Mar-2012 04:05 pm - Wild At Heart
Yes, people, I have seen it, and it was glorious! How can this not be glorious...

It's such a beautiful PV and I love the sparkle and glitter. <3

I have a new default icon, I think it is amazing and I plan on abusing it often. Nino is perfect. I also got an Arashi mood theme, it makes me so happy I can't even.

I finally purchased my Maid of Honor dress for Chelsea's wedding, yeah!!!  It will be beautiful and I cannot wait. 

Some serious stuff now. We found out my Grandma on my Dad's side has breast cancer and will be having surgery to remove one of her breasts. I haven't seen her in years and I know this has really affected my family. We will most likely be making an effort to visit them soon. The day we found out was the same day I had a huge lump under my arm. I've actually had it for a little more than six months but it had finally reached a huge size and it was painful. This made my Mom and me panic since we just heard the news about my Grandma and that runs on my dad's side of the family. And I know it's more likely if I had come from my Mom's side of the family but still. 

I went to the doctor's last week and by then it had gone down a lot and my doctor was happy about that. She told me it was most likely a cyst. She said if it came back then to just apply heat to it and it will bring it to the surface and it will drain on its own. Gross but better than what it could have been. She did say if it kept coming back then it might be something else and we'd test it. Crossing my fingers. 

My Dad is having surgery next week, he's having the same weight loss surgery my Mom did almost 2 years ago. I am so happy, I want him to be around a really, really long time. Such a daddy's girl. He will be out of work for at least 2 weeks. It's up to my Mom and me to take care of him. I'm sure he will drive us crazy. And it won't help that he'll be home to see me doing absolutely nothing with my life. So effing sad. :(

On a slightly less serious note but still enough to make me rage. I am trying to learn how to do gif icons. And apparently Fireworks can't rip from videos. Pisses me off so much. I can't afford Photoshop and I don't have access to am illegal copy! I tried downloading GIMP but everytime I try to open it, it freezes. Not here for that. Ugh. I am so annoyed by it. Chelsea might be hanging out over here on Friday and she said she can teach me. Bless her. Best Friend Forever. I really want to learn. 

Anyway, back to this perfection right now!!



Laughing so hard at that Nino one~ 

  And did you think I wouldn't include the epic Nino laying on Sho's crotch gif. My OTP is flawless. Plus what the hell is Ohno doing with his legs open like that? lol.

These were my reactions after I saw the vid for the 1st time:

   Me puking rainbows because it is flawless.

That's all, off to bake cake pops with my Mom!

21st-Feb-2012 03:46 pm - So Emotional
Lucy Cry
I have been so emotional the last couple of days. I think a lot of it has to do with my crappy sleeping schedule lately. There have been times when I go to bed at 3 or something but lately I've been staying up to 5 and then sleeping in til 2 or 3. It's horrible, I hate it. I'm a morning person and I used to love waking up at 8. I felt like I could accomplish so much first thing in the morning. 

But now, I can't seem to get myself out of my bed before noon. And to make things worse I start getting tired around 7 but I know if I take a nap it will cause me to stay up even later. I'm so tired, beyond exhausted. I find myself randomly bursting into tears because I'm so tired. Everything makes me emotional. 

And it doesn't help that tonight is bound to be a rollercoaster of emotions. 

First Glee at 7, which will be emotional I'm sure. Not gonna mention any spoilers but I'm preparing myself to be sad, angry, offended and so much more. I'm fully expecting to see triggering things in tonight's episode and I'm not happy about it. Not to mention I'm only looking forward to two songs and one of them is not gonna be used the way I was hoping or expecting. :(

Then immediately after Glee ends I have to rush downstairs to watch Ringer with my Dad. So I won't even be able to discuss Glee with anyone. Or even download it until later. Ringer looks like it's gonna be emotional as well, as it should be considering last week's crazy plot twist!! Best part though, MISHA COLLINS IS GUEST STARRING!!! I am so excited, I've missed him on my screen. <3 I saw him in the promo for Supernatural as well. I was so excited until Kalie!ishidaforever told me that a new episode won't air until March. *upset*

Finally, right after Ringer ends I have to run all the way back upstairs to watch Southland. Which from seeing the promo it TOO is bound to be emotional. I'm gonna be in tears by the end of the night. Lord. I will download Glee during Southland. Depending on my mood I might not re-watch it until tomorrow. 

My Mom wants to watch Glee tomorrow as well since I told her certain things about it. She's not happy about some things. We'll get through this together. 

Anyway, enough of that. I have heard the news of both Ohno and Aiba's dramas being confirmed!! Best news I've heard in awhile. Not to mention Ohno has his Maou hair color again and one of Aiba's co-stars is Ohkura. I love when Johnny's act together and I love Ohkura!! But the dramas aren't airing til April. Boo!!

I also downloaded my sexy Goddess', Meisa's, new album. It is amazing and flawless as is she!!!

I need to go make a late lunch. Peace. 

That is one long ass subject line, sorry. So what am I referring to? Crackships people, crackships. I have had so many discussions about crackships, OTPs, canon versus fanon in the last couple of days. And I just decided I would make a post about it. Sad? Probably. I shouldn't be devoting so much time for it but I thought it would be useful. *shrugs* 

The fandom that brought this on is Glee. Another reason why I shouldn't be spending so much time on this, it's because of Glee. Ugh.

So I'm only gonna mention Glee here. (Maybe)

First off, I don't want to offend anyone when I use the words crackship/OTP/fanon/canon. I believe everyone should ship whoever they want. I won't knock you for your ships so don't knock mine. Respect, that's all I ask for. So again, sorry if I unintentionally offend you, it's not my intent.  

The first one I want to discuss is my definition of crackship. My definition of it is two people (I guess the number doesn't have to stop at two) who are shipped together that have no chance of ever really getting together. 

  • Mike/Kurt
  • Tina/Rachel
  • Blaine/Jesse
  • Kurt/Sam
  • Rachel/Quinn
  • Sam/Finn
  • Puck/Blaine
  • Santana/Rachel
  • Quinn/Sugar
  • Rachel/Tina/Blaine (for that doesn't stop at two thing)
You get the point. Those ships will never happen, for some obvious reasons. ;D

Then we have Canon. Canon is when two people have been together or are currently together. It has been established, we've seen it on the show or it has been mentioned as fact. 

  • Finn/Quinn
  • Finn/Rachel
  • Quinn/Sam
  • Quinn/Puck
  • Puck/Rachel
  • Rachel/Jesse
  • Tina/Artie
  • Tina/Mike
  • Artie/Brittany
  • Brittany/Artie
  • Kurt/Blaine
  • Santana/Sam
  • Puck/Lauren
  • Puck/Mercedes
  • Sam/Mercedes
  • Will/Teri
  • Will/Emma
Now I would be open to accepting Finn/Santana, Santana/Brittany/Puck, Puck/Shelby as canon since that shit happened even if I wish I could go without the knowledge. They were all willing individuals at the time that "stuff" went down so it counts. 

Fanon. FANON. F A N O N!!! Fanon is what I would consider a pairing that has potential to become canon. It seems like it could happen or there aren't obstacles in the way that would make it highly implausible. *coughs*someone's heterosexuality*coughs* :D

  • Quinn/Artie
  • Sugar/Artie
  • Sugar/Rory (this is not canon because it's not official)
  • Kurt/Dave
  • Blaine/Sebastian
Yes, I know the list is short but I'm gonna go with interactions and such. I mean, I'm down for anyone who wants to ship Finn/Mercedes but....let's be real, it ain't gonna happen. I would consider it a crackship. 

But all of this can be overlooked if you consider one of these couples as your "OTP" or otherwise known as One True Pairing. For me personally, when I think OTP I think about how the couple I am referring to is one that I would support until the end of time!! LOL. I just mean, I get emotionally invested in them, I care about what happens to them, individually and collectively. I also tend to think of OTP as being canon because I tend to ship canon. But I know not everyone does that and I respect it. 

My OTPs on Glee are:
  • Klaine
  • Finchel
  • Tike
Now after a "serious" discussion with some ffab girls I've come to accept that one of the crackships I liked has slowly formed to a pairing I love, one that I am becoming emotionally involved in. I don't want this, I swear. I never intended nor wanted for me to take crackships seriously. 

So I would say that my OTP in the crackship section would be:
  • Blaine/Sam (Blam or Evanderson)
And you see how I called it my Crackship OTP? It's because I don't consider this a fanon pairing, it would never happen.

So if you want to consider Sam/Kurt or Rachel/Quinn your OTP, go right ahead! You should ship who you want. I just want you to know that if you talk to me about it, this is what I will be thinking of. 

"Oh, your (crackship) OTP is Faberry?" 
"Oh, your (fanon) OTP is Quartie?"

Again I don't mean to be rude but for me I have a very distinct line between what is fanon and what is canon. I know mixing people is what makes it fun, but still, I can't help it. 

I promise I'm like this with other fandoms too. Harry Potter is the only fandom where I ship my crackship OTPs harder than the canon couples. And I ship all canon couples in Harry Potter. So yes, I ship Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. 

But my (crackship) OTPs are Remus/Severus and Ron/Draco. I LOVE THEM. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THOSE SHIPS!!! lol.

So that's all I gotta say about that!

9th-Feb-2012 03:27 pm - Numb
Meisa gives out stars
So it's confirmed, Meisa and Jin have been married since Feb. 2nd. RIP Meisa's promising future. I know I'm being negative but I can't help it. I hope this doesn't mean the end of it, I want her to have a long and fruitful career. I wish I was a fly on the wall inside Johnny's & Associates right now. I bet I would be hearing an earful that's for sure!!!

Anyway, I'm tired, I've been out doing errands since early this morning and my feet hurt. I'm about to pay my bills and see what little money I have go away. ;_____;

All I want to do now is read Arashi fanfic and watch Law & Order!! 

Oh! The results are in for my wallpaper. 4 votes for wallpaper option 1 and 3 votes for option 2. I had some surprising voters too, so thank you. ;D

So this is my new wallpaper!!

Scarlett Bitch Face
My sexy Goddess is pregnant with Jin's child. And they plan on getting married. Noooooooo. This is the opposite of what I want.

And this has nothing to do with me liking Jin and not liking Meisa. It's so the other way around. 

Meisa Kuroki is my Sexy Goddess, just look at her!!!

And now she will be tied to Jin, who I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL!!  Yeah I know, he's a Johnny and I do support all Johnny's but I do not like him. I can only imagine how pissed of JE is over this. *fuming*
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