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Pikanchi Double
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5th-Feb-2012 03:13 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARREN CRISS!!!
Yeah! He's 25, I love that age, I don't even know why. When I turn 25 next year I hope it's a joyous occasion. Hell, when I turn 24 this year I hope it's a joyous occasion. And if not, then I will live vicariously through Queen Lea on that day! 

Anyway I hope Darren has an amazing day and gets to spend it with this family and all of his close friends! And that pictures come out!!

And Happy Birthday to so_december!! I hope you have an awesome birthday as well and that you get to spend with everyone who is close to you!!

And now, I have narrowed it down to two wallpapers but I can't decide which one. So I decided to make a poll and hopefully one person will vote! lol.

So here are the options:

Option 1:

Option 2:

And now for the poll!

Poll #1816885 Which Wallpaper?

Option 1 or 2?

Option 1?
Option 2?


4th-Feb-2012 04:29 pm - It's February!!!!
Ohmiya: Tough Love
It's February everyone!! We're already in the second month of the new year and so far it's been great! Working with Chels on her wedding plans, being there when she got her Wedding dress. But also interwebz-wise, I've been having a blast. I've made friendsies with some ffab girls and I'm having a jolly good time. 

Anyway, I'm in need of a new wallpaper. This was mine last month:

I had it in honor of Sakurai's birthday last month. I always do that for the members' bday. And seeing I won't need to do another one til June for Nino I'm trying to figure what I want to stare at for awhile. 

I was thinking of having a Darren Criss one for all of this month since it's his bday. And then next month have one for Kenichi Matsuyama since his bday is in March. I think I might do that.

Now I just to need to find a good one I guess.
24th-Jan-2012 04:30 pm - So Much Love
Finally the fanfics over at oretachinosong are up for their contest!! 17 fics! 17 glorious fanfics on Yama Pair. <3 It makes me super happy. But I don't think shoneenclub has ever gotten that many. What is up with that? I need to get back into my writing mode and dish out some fanfics for them. It's been such a loooong time since I've written anything but if there was ever a pairing I'd do it for, it would be Sakumiya. But I will have to spend like 2~3 days reading them.

Also ARASHI'S NEW SINGLE IS UP FOR PRE-ORDER!!!! Limited Edition has the PV and booklet with pictures!!

But sadly I have no money so I can not purchase it. ;_____;

I would have just settled with the Regular Edition since my all-region free DVD player died like 2 years ago. But I really wanted this. I miss my Arashi merchandise. 

I'm also trying to figure out whether I want to start watching Lucky Seven. I haven't watched an Arashi drama since Sho's TK which was awesome but that was in '09. A long time ago. I didn't watch Kaibutsu-kun b/c that is not my kind of drama, along with Matsjun's Niji drama or Aiba's Bartender, which sounds so boring. I want to watch Freeter because Nino is my biased and so if there was ever a drama I would give a chance it would be that one. But I have my hesitations with it. I also want to see NazoDi, it looks so freaking hilarious. Uh, so many to choose from. 

Of course I can only watch it after I finish Boss 2. I love it so far but what they're doing with Erika Toda's character is annoying as hell. I'm glad they kept the same cast and I love that they also kept the theme song. It's one of my favorites. I need to finish that before starting any other drama. 

My, bb, Kalie!ishidaforever finally has high speed internet at her house so she and I will finally be able to skype together, I am so happy!! I've had to wait such a long time. 

I am still looking at MoH dresses online, trying to find places in my area that will have dresses in my size. I need to pick a couple of places before I drag Chelsea out with me. 

I think that's all I have to say right now. I think. Crap. Anyway. 

Oh I got new friends. 

Welcome el_em_en_oh_pee and kutie_kiki

5th-Jan-2012 10:54 pm - My Tears Will Be Legit Tomorrow
turkish delight (Made by my Bestie)
After putting it off for until the new year to make it easier on everyone, tomorrow Chels!showyoursmile  and I will go dress shopping. And not just regular dress shopping but wedding dress shopping!! I know, I know, I am so behind on mentioning it here. Oh! And it's not for me. lol. Chels got engaged over Thanksgiving break and now I am officially the Maid of Honor. It feels weird but I am definitely excited. It's gonna be her Mom, future Mom-in-law and me. 

I already told her I might cry when she comes out in the first dress. Even if I hate it! Just knowing and realizing that we're at the age now just makes everything feel so much more real. And now I'm trying to go back on my diet and heading back to the gym because seriously, I refuse to be the fat blob next to the skinny bride. 

I don't think she's buying tomorrow, we just want to look at certain styles and everything. I watch enough wedding shows to know hat  some wedding consultants don't like wasting time on someone who's not buying a dress. Sorry! I hope they don't hate us. :) 

There's still so much to do with this wedding that is probably happening in JUNE!! Ah!!!

Anyway, off to do some last minute things before I eventually go to bed. Early too. Before 1 at least. I've been going to bed at 5 in the morning for the last week. Eek. And her appointment is at 11 tomorrow and her future mother-in-law is picking me up at 10:30! 

3rd-Jan-2012 09:27 pm - Oh Tweens....
Ohno: Haters To The Left
Next time you come at me with your half-ass knowledge of Johnny's prepare to have your ass handed to you on a platter. 

I KNOW Johnny's. 

Thank you. 
27th-Dec-2011 03:36 pm - All My Wishes Are Coming True
That's right everyone, I've heard the news about Arashi's future photo book and how it's not exactly SFW!! ;)
I saw some posts about it on tumblr yesterday and saw a mention of it on twitter but I didn't really believe it. And let's be real here, the members have done a lot of things where we've seen them without clothes, I mean we saw Sho's butt in Kiroii Namida and anyone remember Jun's AnAn shoot because I do! So I didn't think too much of it.

But this morning I was awoken by a text from Kalie!ishidaforever asking me if I had heard the news. I told her I had heard the rumors but I didn't see anything posted on Arama. I proceeded to fall back asleep. I was then awoken again later to another one of her texts and she supplied me a link to one of the Arashi comms, I clicked it, read and then practically screamed outloud!!!

OMG, if this shit is legit which it definitely sounds like it is, I am pre-ordering this like no one's business. I will also overnight it. It's been two years since I've purchased any Arashi merchandise b/c of severe lack of funds and it's been killing me. Killing me! I've missed out on concert DVDs, singles and albums but I will not miss out on this. I wish I could buy 10 2, you know for the cause, since the proceeds are going to UNICEF. For the cause. 

I need this in my life. I can't think of anything better right now. Like nothing could make me happier right now. 

I had like two other things I wanted to talk about but I fear it would take away from the sheer perfection that is this news. So I will wait and post those later.

Since I now have to go back to doing my icon related things and think about whether they will have pairing shots. Sakumiya ftw!! lol. I'm bad. 
Sexy Jun-kun w/Glasses

Daichi Miura. Boy, can this man sing and Dance. 
Drama is the perfect example of how amazing he is at both of them.
It bums me out so much that he's still underexposed. 
He's so talented and he's been in the business since he was really young, when's it gonna be his turn?
I know the power of Johnny's keeps pretty much every other artist (male) in their genres (which is like all of them) behind the curtain but I really want Daichi to become super super famous. :)
I also would love for him and Harry Shum Jr. to dance together. 
I would probably explode from the sheer combined talent in the room.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Holiday and that you all stayed safe.
I had a great one!
I came home to find a Sakumiya (Yamada/Mimura) fanfic and two RyoShige fanfics.
It's like someone heard my wishes!!

22nd-Dec-2011 04:18 pm - Are We Gonna Rock This?!
Ohno Satoshi


He knows he totally deserves it!
I mean how can you not love this face?

So adorbs. Totally deserved too, he worked his ass of this past year. GQ has such good taste.
First Matsujun in '08, then Sakurai in '09 and now Oh-chan in '11.
I will wait patiently for both my Ichiban, Nino, and Aiba-chan to get named too! 
It will happen, this IS Arashi we're talking about. 

Meisa gives out stars
There's some sort of Justin Bieber special on TLC tonight. The Learning Channel. 
What the hell am I am supposed to be learning from him???????

21st-Dec-2011 02:38 am - Because I Love Them So Much!

Believe! I would say that after Pikanchi Double, Believe would be my second favorite Arashi song. 
The PV, both this one and the animated one,  are awesome!! I love them both.
My Lovelies all look good, although Matsujun's fro bothers the crap out of me. Ugh. 
Sakurai's rap is hot and cool and so many other things.
And the twirls, my goodness the twirls. 


Where I surf youtube for Arashi PVs. 

Troublemaker was my favorite Arashi single from 2010. The PV is adorable, the making is adorable and the live performance is precious.

The video is just pure crack. 


And she's gorgeous!! ;_____; They look like such a cute couple. 
But I just really want to know if he will be returning to Supernatural. I need all the Winchester brothers together again. I miss Adam!!
25th-Nov-2011 02:50 pm - OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!!




23rd-Nov-2011 06:57 pm - Intro Post Update
Pouty Nino is cute!
This intro post is taking a lot longer than I thought, I'm trying to be very detailed! It won't go up today, sorry. And I won't post it tomorrow since it's Thanksgiving and I will be spending it with family. 

So hopefully by Friday it will be up! Feel free to poke me if it's not. :)
22nd-Nov-2011 04:16 pm - Soon.
I am working on a massive intro post for the people I recently friended! So hopefully within a day or two it will be up and you'll be able to get to know me a bit better. <3
6th-Nov-2011 02:52 pm - I upgraded to a paid account!!
Meisa gives out stars
And now I have all these pretty new icons I can't wait to try out!!!!!

4th-Aug-2010 11:52 pm - Oh Yes! Day Three!

Ah, keeping up with this music pimping thing is a lot of fun, trying to think of all the different songs I like and would like to impose suggest to people! Soon, I will be talking about other stuff besides just pimping music. For example I am dying to talk about the new Arashi CD which is zomg amazing and then there is all the stuff going on with my health. I'm still trying to schedule an appointment with my physician but since I am having trouble sleeping I've been getting up no earlier than noon or one. I hate it. On monday I didn't wake up til 3. This is not who I am. It sucks. More on that later.

My song choice for tonight is "Possibility" by BoA ft. Daichi Miura. I'm not that big a fan of BoA but I love this song and her new song Hurricane Venus. But I am super in love with Daichi Miura, I've made plenty of entries on him before because I think people should give him a try. He is so not known and a part of me blames the amazing power of Johnny's. They own everything. Lol.

Ah, what a beautiful song!! <333

3rd-Aug-2010 11:24 pm - Trust Me.

Day two of the music pimping and the song is Trust Me by Matsushita Yuya! This song is pure win and he is such a cutie, even if he is 20 years old. He has some other good songs and just like Tata Young I will post the other ones on different days. I'm going to try my hardest to keep up with the posting a day thing but you have to give me some leeway since it has been a long time. :)

You have to forgive his weird little dance sequence near the end. I think he was doing some ode to MJ.
2nd-Aug-2010 09:38 pm - Two Entries in a Row!

Yeah, two days in a row and I have never been prouder of myself. I have decided that since August is such a special month that I will fulfill that thing for quartered  that I was supposed to do months ago. I feel so bad about it but there is no getting around it. So instead I have decided to just post a video or two a day with some songs by artists, groups, and bands that I like. And if you like them and want the song then I will find a way for you to get it.

The first song is called "Ready for Love" by Tata Young and she is a 29-year-old Thai singer who also releases albums in English. When I heard this song, it was around the time I started feeling things for this guy I'm into so it really touched base with me and I will be posting more of her songs sometime in the remaining month as well. So enjoy!!!!

Love this song!!
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